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Our Story


My name is Jessica and I am the artist behind the creations. My product inspirations come from nature and our beautiful planet, My design inspirations come from all the little things that spark joy in me. I have a creative soul that needs to be fed plenty of art, be it acrylic painting, baking or cooking, wood working or crocheting to name a few, nothing is off limits! To be a maker truly makes me feel as though I am living a fulfilling life.
I began formulating and creating soap and body care products back in 2016, I am a mother to two gentle souls and I was making an effort to become more mindful of the toxins in our home and everyday routines, and eliminating as much as I can. My daughter has very sensitive skin and after many trials and errors with conventional over the counter products, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create products based on her needs. This was the push I needed that lead me to create something truly special!
My goal was to create a product that was different from your average bar of soap, and keep it as natural as possible. No artificial preservatives, no harsh detergents that dry out your skin and leave nothing good behind. I wanted a product that encouraged your skin to thrive, that contained actual ingredients from our earth an none of the non sense. I believe there can be a lot of luxury in simplicity! Being a hippie at heart, developing a company that is earth friendly was the only option. My handcrafted soaps and body care products are palm free, contain only high quality, organic and sustainably sourced oils and butters as well as creamy coconut and goat milks. 
Our brand packaging is completely plastic free, eco-friendly and made from organic unbleached recycled paper products. Sticking with the theme of eliminating single use plastics and non recyclable containers, we have developed products like the bottle-less dish bar, as well as can-less shaving products for both men and women. Our products are here to help you in your journey of cutting back on toxins in your household as well as being mindful of our ecological foot print. 
We thank you dearly for any and all support, you are not only supporting my family and my ability to keep creating and doing what I love, you are supporting my dream!
I look forward to creating for you!
Jessica XO